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What affects my broadband speed?

affects broadband speed

To get flawless results, there are a few things you can do before you start your speed test. Here are some hints at what you should consider when you look at your download and upload speed results.

Your Internet Usage

Are you streaming a movie or is your connection performing other data-heavy feats like online gaming? Are many devices connected to your Wi-Fi? You’ll get the best results when your device is connected directly to the router via Ethernet and if you’re not blasting your enemy to shreds in your favourite online game at the same time as testing your broadband speed.

Your Device

Are you using a gamer laptop for your research into internet speeds or are you on your second-hand tablet? Different devices can achieve different results according to their specs and the software installed on them. This also applies to your router. Different models might perform better than others.

Your Area & Type of Connection

Depending on the area in Ireland you live in and the type of connection that is available to you, you will get different speeds than friends and family living in other parts of the country. Speeds may also depend on how far away you live from your local telephone exchange, as the broadband signal might have to travel a longer distance to your house than to your neighbour’s. If you’re performing the test via Wi-Fi connection the results also depend on the distance from your router and thickness of your walls are.

Your Provider & Time of Day

Your current provider might offer different download speeds than other providers and your connection might also slow down at peak times.

You've checked all the boxes and your ready to go? Find out how fast your current internet connection really is:

Broadband Speed Test