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Where does your speed test data come from?

Where does your speed test data come from?

In simple terms, our speed test results come from users just like you.
Every day, users visit CompareBroadband.ie to see if they can get a better deal, or a faster speed from their broadband provider. Each time one of these users runs a speed test we record their results and add it to the map. We log their location accurately so that you can click on any speed test and see exactly what connection speeds others are getting in the same area, when they ran the test, and which provider they were using. Clever eh?

OK, so far so clever. But how accurate is it?

As you’d expect, we aim to make our speed tests as accurate as possible. As we’re totally impartial we don’t highlight one provider’s results over another.
The technology is important too. We use custom built software to run our speed tests, and apply a number of specific algorithms to ensure that only genuine and trustworthy results are published. Older results are automatically removed to make sure you only see the most up-to-date information.

Hmmm, so what’s the catch?

There’s no catch, but it is important to understand that we can’t guarantee 100% accuracy. There are many factors involved in measuring broadband connection speeds, and as clever as we think we are – we can’t control them all.
Factors like the distance between your house and the telephone exchange, your network set-up, and that dodgy phone extension you wired in last year, can all affect your individual connection speed. For these reasons we can’t guarantee that you’ll get the same broadband speed that your neighbours get, even if you’re using the same provider.
Internet performance can vary over time – so come back regularly to check the results for your area - you can even set up an account to track them easily.

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