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How does fixed wireless broadband work?

how fixed wireless broadband works

Fixed wireless broadband can be an excellent solution, if you can’t get broadband through a landline or only receive slow speeds through the old copper line. Here’s how it works:

WISPs or Wireless Internet Service Providers use transmission towers like mobile phone masts that communicate with each other to transfer the broadband signal from your provider to the wireless broadband equipment in your home. The equipment may consist of an antenna fixed outside your house and connected to a router or a modem with two strong antennas that are better at picking up the signal than a mobile broadband dongle.


how wireless broadband works

Why fixed wireless broadband might be an option for you:

  1. You live in a rural area without fibre or landline broadband.
  2. Your landline broadband speeds are slow.
  3. Fixed wireless broadband offers better speeds than satellite broadband.
  4. Without a landline, you’ll save on line rental.
  5. If you’re moving, you can just plug out your modem and take it with you to your new home.
  6. You can connect as many devices as you wish to your wireless modem.

In Ireland, you can get fixed wireless broadband from Rural Wifi and Imagine.

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