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How do I switch to a new broadband deal? In 3 easy steps

how to switch broadband providers

Step 1: Check your contract with your current provider

Before you plunge into the search for a new broadband bundle, check the minimum contract length with your current internet service provider. If you rush things, you might have to pay a termination fee for leaving too early.

Step 2: Compare broadband bundles or check internet speeds in your area

Check which providers and bundles are available in your area on our website. Simply select your county and closest town and you’ll get a list of what you can get and choose a bundle that suits your needs. If you’re looking for a combination of broadband, phone and TV or broadband, phone and mobile, you can check those out under ‘Compare Bundles’ and enter your county and town there.

If slow internet speeds brought you here, you can take our broadband speed test first to see which speeds you’re getting and whether your neighbours might be enjoying a faster provider. Our speed test map shows results logged by real users, who’ve taken the internet speed test previously. Once you decided on a faster provider, you can compare bundles and switch.

Step 3: Pick a new broadband provider and switch

Depending on what type of internet user you are and any extras you might want, you can find the deal that is right for you. Once you made a decision, click ‘Sign Up’, fill out the order form and you’ll get a call back from your chosen provider to confirm your order.

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