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  • Why should you use our comparison site?
    Save money by comparing packages from all of the major providers and switching you could save over 300 euros a year! Simply select your location and we’ll show you all of the packages and options which are available to you.
  • How do you keep your prices and listings up to date?
  • Will bundling save me money?
    The fantastic thing about bundling your services, as in getting two or more of your home communications services from the same provider, is that it can potentially make your life both easier AND cheaper.
  • Can I get broadband without a phone line?
    If you can get broadband by landline then chances are you can choose a broadband only option as many of the providers now offer broadband without the home. Just use our easy-to-use and free online comparison service and only pay for what you want.
  • Where does your speed test data come from?
    In simple terms, our speed test results come from users just like you. Every day, users visit CompareBroadband.ie to see if they can get a better deal, or a faster speed from their broadband provider. Real results logged by real users.
  • What to know more about CompareBroadband.ie?
    So who’s behind CompareBroadband.ie? It’s a good question. We’re experts in all things digital – mobile, TV, and Broadband. We’re dedicated to giving you all the information you need to choose a package that suits you.
  • What TV channels can I get with eir Vision?
    eir Vision Essential Pack (over 50 channels) Watch all your favourite TV programmes on the eir Vision Essential Pack including all the BBC, RTE, be3, Channel 4, TV3 channels and many more. Find out which tv channels you can get with eir Vision.
  • Can I get multiroom TV with eir Vision?
    Watch all the eir Vision channels you've subscribed to in more than one room. Eir even installs this perfect solution for the kitchen, bedroom or den for free.
  • Can I record with the eir Vision box?
    Pause, rewind and record live TV with the eir Vision box. Record two shows while watching another one of your favourite TV shows. Or record the whole series and binge-watch it in one go.
  • Can I get multiroom TV with Virgin Media?
    Time to end the TV tug of war with Multiroom Viewing - €11 per month Put an end to the arguments over the remote control. Multiroom Viewing lets you watch what you want anywhere in the house, keeping everyone happy watching their own programmes.
  • How can I check if Virgin Media is in my area?
    How can I check if Virgin Media is in my area? We can check this for you and advise on the packages available at your address. Just pop us an email on our contact page or give us a call on 1800 844 148
  • What is Virgin Media My Prime?
    What is Virgin Media My Prime? My Prime is included in your pack for all Virgin Mix TV customers. Enjoy the latest blockbuster, a wide range of box sets and the best of Kids TV for the little ones.
  • What is Virgin Media TV Anywhere?
    Transform your tablet, smartphone and laptop into a TV using Virgin TV Anywhere. Enjoy up to 86 channels live in your home and up to 80 channels when you're on the move.
  • Can I get multiscreen TV with Sky?
  • What is Sky Go?
    A wide range of shows live and on demand, available on up to 61 entertainment channels. Sky Go comes at no extra cost for all Sky TV customers on any device. Watch whenever you want on your compatible tablet, mobile or laptop.
  • What is Sky Go Extra?
    What is Sky Go Extra? Download TV to your devices Save and store the shows you love to your compatible mobile, tablet or laptop Freedom to watch downloads anywhere Watch your saved and stored shows anywhere, even without internet - perfect for long journe
  • Can I get Sky in my Apartment?
    Can I get Sky in my Apartment? Thousands of apartments in Ireland are ready for Sky TV. No dish required. Call 0818 904 062 What you get Ireland's widest selection of channels We have a whole host of award-winning shows on Sky Atlantic and Sky1
  • How does Satellite Broadband Work?
    How satellite broadband works With over 10 million customers, most people understand how Sky TV works – a small dish receives TV signals from a satellite into a box in their house. Satellite broadband is very similar in that it receives information
  • What TV channels can I get with Virgin Media?
    Get over 50 channels with Virgin Mix TV and over 100 channels with Virgin Full House TV. Find out more details about your TV package from Virgin Media and get started watching all your favourite shows.
  • What is a UAN?
    A Universal Account Number is a unique 8-digit-number that is used to identify your home phone line. If you’re using an ADSL connection, it is also used for your broadband. Usually it can be found on your phone & broadband bill.
  • What affects my broadband speed?
    Your broadband speed may be affected by your internet usage, the type of device & connection you're using, the area you live in as well as your current provider and the time of day. Learn about what to consider before performing an internet speed test.
  • How does the internet work?
    We go online every day but most of us don't know what happens in the background that makes a web page show up in our browsers. Learn about the technology behind the internet.
  • How do I boost my internet speed?
    Your broadband is slowing you down? Boost your internet speed with our expert tips and get back to excellent broadband speeds in no time.
  • Why is my internet not working?
    Can't connect to the internet? Here are some tips that will get you back online.
  • How do I switch to a new broadband deal? In 3 easy steps
    Looking for better internet speeds or an unlimited broadband bundle? Whatever your reason for switching, take these 3 easy steps to get to your new broadband deal.
  • What is upload and download speed?
    You took our internet speed test but you have no idea what the results mean? Not to worry! We explain everything there is to know about upload and download speed here:
  • How does Wi-Fi work?
    You can imagine the wireless connection between your device and your router like two radios communicating with each other. The only difference between a radio and your Wi-Fi signal is the wavelength or frequency. Find out more here.
  • What do I need to do before taking an internet speed test?
    Suffering from slow internet speeds? Take our internet speed test and find out how fast your connection really is. Make sure you follow these steps before you take our broadband speed test to get the most accurate results.
  • How does fixed wireless broadband work?
    We explain how fixed wireless broadband works, why it might be a good option for you and how you can get wireless broadband in Ireland.
  • How does fibre broadband work?
    We explain how fibre broadband works, the internet speeds you can get and what fibre-to-the-cabinet as well as fibre-to-the-home means. Check out our comparison service to find out if fibre is available in your area.
  • How much mobile data do I need?
    Depending on how much you're online on your phone when you're not connected to WiFi, we have put together some guidelines that will help you find out how much data you should get with your mobile plan: