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Corporate Broadband

Corporate and Business broadband comparison

If you are looking to review your internet connectivity, your Wide Area Network or a Point to Point Connection... you have come to the right place. Just simply fill in your details online and we will get you the best deal based on your requirements.

Why compare with us?

When it comes to business broadband in Ireland, we have access to the pricing tools, network diagrams and POP locations of Ireland's main business internet service providers giving us the inside knowledge of which ISP is able to provide you the best performance and best service- at the best price. In most cases we can provide discounts greater than going direct to the provider!

We understand leased line and EFM prices can be confusing. We also understand if you're collating quotes you may be wondering why you have received totally different prices for the same service.

The simple reason behind this is: network coverage. The further away you are from an Internet Service Provider's core network, the more expensive the quote will be. Therefore unless you've got time to collate all the network diagrams of each ISP and their quotes- you'll never quite know if you've got the best deal or not. When you use our broadband comparison service, you know that we've already done this hard work so you don't have to.

The services we can compare are explained below

  1. EFM: 'Ethernet First Mile'

    a copper based uncontended internet service that falls somewhere in between FTTC (your everyday contended fibre that you can get to your home) and a Fibre Leased Line.
  2. Fibre Leased Line

    A Uncontended fibre circuit that ranges between 10Mb-10Gb. These start at around €300pm based on your location and does not degrade over distance.
  3. WAN: MPLS or VPLS

    You can use a range of mediums (FTTC, EFM, Fibre Leased Line) to connect 2 or more sites and create a secure, private network environment between sites.
  4. Voice

    SIP or Hosted Telephony, Most providers will give you the option of running voice down your connection. Please contact us to discuss these options in more detail.
  5. Online Backup

    Once you have a lease line in place, why not use one of data centres across Ireland to backup your information to? Most providers will be able to give you a secure connection to one of their 'on net' data centres!

Fill in the form above to simplify your search for an Internet leased line and save time and money fast. If you have any questions or just generally need some advice, feel free to give us a call. Alternatively you can fill out the form and we’ll call you back to discuss.

What is a leased line?

A leased line refers to a dedicated connection that allows for communication between two sites (a point-to-point leased line) or between a site and the Internet (an internet leased line). Leased lines typically deliver bandwidth over a leased fibre connection, although copper local tails can sometimes be used as well.

Leased lines are considered a premium connectivity product because unlike various broadband services leased lines are dedicated, uncontended data lines with symmetrical bandwidth speeds. With dedicated lines users can get higher speeds of service and a higher service level guarantee.

Leased line connection speeds can range from 64 kilobits per second (Kbit/s) to 10 gigabits per second (Gbit/s). Leased lines are used by companies to obtain a faster, more reliable Internet or site-to-site connection. The amount of bandwidth purchased on the leased line is determined by the amount of data used, the number of users accessing the line, and the number of applications running at any given time.

Beyond the higher bandwidths, leased lines provide better security and privacy over other telecom connections because they are used exclusively by the company purchasing them.

Leased lines – what are the options and benefits?

Your options for leased lines are:

Single Site, Internet - simply using a leased line to connect an office to the internet.

Multi-site Connectivity - sometimes referred to as WAN (Wide Area Network), involves using leased lines to connect various company offices so that data can be shared across the offices.

Resilience - a single site can be served by multiple leased lines using different fibre routes to increase the availability of the services (there are less chances that both leased lines become faulty at the same time).

The benefits of using leased lines are:

More Bandwidth - leased lines can deliver from 2Mbit/s to 1,000Mbit/s of connectivity to most Irish businesses, and up to 100Gbit/s in some urban locations.

Consistent Speeds - your bandwidth is reserved exclusively for your use, so you can experience a consistently high data throughput at all times - even during peak usage periods.

Faster Upload Speeds - leased lines are symmetrical, meaning you get the same high speed upstream as you get downstream. This is ideal for VoIP, terminal services, online data backup, video conferencing, server hosting and the sending of large files.

Unlimited Data Transfer - you can use your connection flat out, all the time. You can do whatever you like with it (subject to the law). There are no extra charges if you go over some arbitrary monthly usage quota. No-one's going to slow down your connection if you exceed an unspecified 'fair usage' limit. And no-one's going to throttle particular types of traffic on your connection.

Business-class Support - you won't have to sit in a queue for 40 minutes being told by a recorded message that 'your call is important.' Instead, you should receive responsive, proactive support 24x7 from technically-knowledgeable professionals.

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