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How to check your broadband speed

Take our internet speed test by clicking ‘Start Speed Test’ below.

What do my speed test results mean?

The results that will show on your screen first are download and upload speed of your connection in Megabits per second. Download speed is the rate at which data is transferred from the internet to your computer. Upload speed is the speed at which data is transferred from your computer to the internet.

In the next step you can log your location and we’ll show you the average broadband speed in your area by provider. A unique feature of the internet speed test here at CompareBroadband.ie is that you’ll also be able to see what speeds other users in your area get, who’ve also logged their results with us. You’ll always get broadband speed results based on real user experience. If you find a faster provider and decide to switch, just use our free comparison service and sign up for the broadband deal of your choice online.

Before you take our broadband speed test, you might also want to check out what will affect your internet speed test and what you can do to get the most accurate results.

Other speeds tests in your location

You must first update your location above in order to review your speed test.

Map Legend

This map shows individual speed test results. Find out more here