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Konnect Silver Unlimited

  • Risk free installation
    14 day cooling off period enables you to install the system and test the connection speeds without any obligation. If for whatever reason you aren’t completely satisfied, europasat return to your address at a convenient time, uninstall the system at no extra cost and cancel your contract.
  • One week connection turnaround
    Start using your new system quickly. Once you have received your equipment from europasat you could be up and running on the same day if you chose to self-install. Professional installations occur within a week to 10 working days on average.
  • No phone package or landline required

Terms and Conditions


  • Up to 30.0 Mb Download This is an "up to" speed
  • Up to 6.0 Mb Upload This speed is related to how quickly you can upload files
  • Up to 50 GB Usage Limit This is how much you can download
  • Speeds up to 30Mbps
  • Unmetered off peak usage (1:00am - 6:00am)

How to order

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    Wait for a call back from Bigblu Broadband.

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    A Bigblu Broadband representative will confirm you are in a service area for your chosen plan and process your order.


What is satellite broadband?

Broadband is very simply, a connection to the Internet that is ‘always on’. It is called broadband because it has a much larger capacity to receive (and send) data than the older dial up services. Providing broadband via satellite means that your data is transmitted and received from/to your position via satellite to the ground (a satellite gateway), from where the traffic can access the internet. Europasat provide the latest in broadband satellite services from a number of satellite operators, Eutelsat and Astra SES.

I’ve tried before and I just can’t get broadband. How does Big Blu differ?

Most Internet services connect you over a physical line (telephone, cable etc.). But not everywhere is connected and some places that are connected don’t have a connection that can deliver fast broadband. Mobile and Wireless networks also carry broadband but these aren’t available everywhere either. Because our satellite is in space, it can see every part of Northern Europe. With a Europasat dish pointed to this satellite you have connectivity. It’s that simple.

Where are Big Blu’s broadband services available?

Europasat can provide broadband, phone and TV services anywhere guaranteed. Our solution offers high speeds without needing to live next to a telephone exchange or have line of sight to any communication masts.

I have heard of latency issues with satellite – what does this mean?

Because data has to travel between your computer, the satellite and the Internet Hub, there is some latency (between 650 - 800 milliseconds). While this is acceptable to most users, it can impact certain applications. The satellite providers employ software techniques to minimise this lag, including Internet Protocol Accelerator, (IPA). So for example, when a web page is requested, the IPA strips out surplus protocol data and requests, and retrieves the page in fewer larger "pieces". This technique is ideal for handling large files and email downloads.

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