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Compare Bundles

Compare the best Broadband, Home Phone, TV and Mobile Bundles

What is a triple play bundle?

  • You'll have everything in one place with a triple play bundle.
  • Instead of getting lost among multiple bills you'll have broadband, phone, TV or mobile combined in just one bill. Providers offer good deals for triple play bundles, so you can get all your entertainment needs sorted.
  • Choose the Triple play bundles that’s right for you:

Broadband, Home Phone & TV – Available from eir, Virgin Media & Sky

Broadband, Home Phone & Mobile – Available from Virgin Media & eir

What is quad-play?

  • Some internet service providers in Ireland give you more than just broadband options and also offer services that are not broadband – such as TV or Mobile. Some of them even combine four services in one bundle.
  •  Quadruple play providers will give you the option to get all four services, home phone, broadband, mobile phone and TV.
  • By getting them all from the same place, you have the chance to save a bit of cash and combine everything into a single bill to make life just that little bit easier.

Which providers offer broadband, TV, home phone, and mobile deals?

  • In Ireland Virgin Media & eir are the only providers that offer quad-play bundles.
  • Virgin Media broadband, mobile, and TV packages are available on their own, but you can save some serious cash by combining everything in one great value bundle.
  • Eir a wide range of packages to combine home phone, broadband, TV or mobile phone to suit your needs. Eir's TV service eirVision is only available with eir fibre broadband but as an eir customer you'll also be able to get exlusive mobile deals.

What’s good about broadband, TV, phone, and mobile deals?

  • When you combine broadband, TV, phone and mobile in a bundle you'll save money. Providers usually offer special deals on most of their combined bundles.
  • You won't be flooded with multiple documents through your door each month as all your services will be on one bill.

What’s bad about broadband, TV, phone and mobile deals?

  • There are only two quad-play providers in Ireland at the moment, which means there is still limited availibility. You can check if all four services are available in your area by setting your location and comparing providers here.
  • Sticking with one provider for everything also limits your options. Each only offer certain packages, which might not all be the best ones for you. And if your perfect broadband deal is with one provider but your ideal TV is with another, you risk missing out on those discounts.

As experts in all things digital, we at Compare Broadband help you compare broadband packages and provide all the information you require to find the best and fastest broadband provider. We also run extensive broadband speed tests showing you the average broadband speed in your area.