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Compare Satellite Broadband

How to get satellite broadband

Order your satellite broadband by calling 044 93 17036.

Compare satellite broadband

Satellite broadband works via a small dish that receives and sends your broadband signal to a satellite about 36,000 kilometres in space. The data you receive is transferred from the dish through a cable connected modem in your house to your connected devices.

Before you get satellite broadband, there’s just two questions you need to ask yourself:

  1. Can I get a line of sight to the satellite I want to use? (There are certain apps to help you check where Europasat satellites are in relation to your property for Android or iPhone.)
  2. Do I have a power source for my new satellite broadband?

If you can answer both questions with yes, you’re ready for satellite broadband. Note that even if the line of sight should be an issue, you’ll be able to work around it by relocating the antenna to your property or point it to another satellite to get you connected.

To get your super-fast satellite broadband connection, you’ll need a satellite broadband kit. You can choose to install it yourself or get a technician to come around and fix it for you. Depending on your satellite system, there are self-installation videos available on the Europasat website.

If you’re curious, here’s what your kit will contain:

  • Antenna or Dish
    These are usually mounted externally on your property, but can also be free-standing or mounted on a flat roof if required.
  • Transceiver & Cable
    This will be attached to the antenna and the cable will be linked to the satellite modem.
  • Satellite Modem
    You’ll need to find out where you’re going to locate your modem and whether you’ll need more than the standard-length cable to be connected to your transceiver. This modem needs to be connected to your devices via cable. Europasat offers a range of routers that work seamlessly with the satellite system for a wireless connection.

Internet Speeds

Satellite Broadband offers 20 Mbps download and 2 Mbps upload speed. To ensure that the bandwidth is shared fairly among all customers a network management system (NMS) is in place, which is based on a Fair Access Policy (FAP).


Why Europasat satellite broadband

  • Fibre guarantee
    If fibre broadband arrives in your area, Europasat will release you from your contract. Just send them evidence of your new fibre connection and return your satellite broadband kit.
  • Price promise
    You think you saw a better deal with a different provider? Let Europasat know and they will match any like for like tariff.
  • Free support
    Your satellite broadband includes free 7 days a week technical support.
  • Satisfaction guarantee
    Your satellite broadband also includes a 14-day cooling off period. Within this time period you can cancel your account and get a full refund on purchased hardware.

Compare satellite broadband

Oder your satellite broadband by calling 044 93 17036.