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Can I get broadband without a phone line?

broadband without a phone line

  • Landline

If you can get broadband via landline then chances are you can choose a broadband only option, as many of the providers now offer broadband without a home phone. Then you only pay for what you really need. Just use our easy to use comparison system and we will show you if broadband only is an option via your landline or not.


  • Wireless

There are many wireless broadband operators in Ireland that can provide broadband only by installing a small antenna on the outside of your home and a modem inside to allow access to the internet. Just use our easy-to-use comparison system and we will show you wireless broadband providers in your area.


  • Mobile

Nearly every home in Ireland can receive some form of mobile broadband but speeds will vary depending on location. All of the operators offer mobile broadband either via a dongle which you stick directly into your home computer or a Wi-Fi unit, which allows multiple devices to be connected to the internet at the same time. Just use our easy-to-use comparison system to see the best available speeds by operator in your area.

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