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How unlimited broadband works

How unlimited broadband works

Monday 02 October 2017

How unlimited broadband works

Unsure about getting unlimited broadband or debating whether you really need an unlimited usage package? We answer all your burning questions, so you can make an informed decision and get the best deal for your needs.


What does it mean when you get unlimited broadband?

Unlimited broadband has to do with your internet usage. The more data you download or upload by streaming movies, downloading music or playing online games, the more usage you have and data volume you’ll need. Broadband providers offer limited packages that can range from 10Gb to 250Gb usage limit, which means that if you use more than that you’ll have to pay extra charges.

With an unlimited broadband bundle, the average user watching Netflix and downloading music doesn’t have to worry. However, unlimited doesn’t always mean unlimited, as these deals often contain a ‘fair usage policy’ to make sure one user doesn’t take up all the bandwidth and affect everyone else’s broadband connection.


What’s a fair usage policy?

In conjunction with unlimited broadband, you’ll often see the term fair usage policy. This means that even on an unlimited package, your provider may slow down your connection if you go past a certain amount of data. Don’t worry! Fair usage policies are usually generous for the bulk of users. Providers have set a high bar for this and an average user, even if you’re a Netflix junkie, wouldn’t exceed it.

Very few people manage to download unusually high amounts of data that would be out of line. In a case like that the internet service provider will contact these customers about reducing internet speeds or charging penalty fees.


Do I need unlimited broadband?

So how would you know if you need unlimited broadband. It depends on if you’re a light or heavy internet user as well as how many people are using the internet in your home.

Light users

If you only check your emails, scroll through social media, do some online shopping and it’s just you and your partner in the apartment, then you’ll be fine with a usage limit.

Heavy users

If you and your housemates spend much of your free time playing online games, streaming movies and downloading music, you should think about getting an unlimited broadband deal for your data-heavy activities. The same is true for families, where parents might watch Netflix downstairs while the kids play online games upstairs. In short, online gamers, movie junkies and music fans are better off not worrying about data limits.

Here’s an overview of various file sizes that may help you to estimate your usage:

Item   Size (Mb)
Single song single song 5
YouTube Clip (HQ) YouTube video 50
Album (HQ) album 100
TV Show (HQ) TV show 450
Film (HQ) film 1500


Best unlimited broadband deals


Virgin Media Fibre Power Broadband 240 Mb

  • Unlimited broadband
  • €35 per month for the first 6 months, €55 thereafter
  • Up to 240Mb download & 24 Mb upload speeds
  • Free installation
  • Free wireless modem
  • 12-month contract

Sky Fibre Unlimited

  • Unlimited broadband
  • €30 per month for the first 12 months, €55 thereafter
  • Up to 100 Mb download & 20 Mb upload speeds
  • €50 installation charge
  • Free Sky Hub wireless router
  • 12-month contract

Rural Wifi Home Broadband Unlimited

  • Unlimited broadband
  • €39 per month for the first 4 months, €65 thereafter
  • Up to 100 Mb download & 20 Mb upload speeds
  • Free installation
  • No landline needed
  • €65 refundable deposit for equipment
  • Next working day shipping - €15
  • 18-month contract

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