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How to switch to a new broadband deal

How to switch to a new broadband deal

Tuesday 01 August 2017

Switch broadband provider

Are you unhappy with your current provider? Are you looking for better internet speeds or an unlimited package? Here’s our quick guide to switching your broadband provider to help you get to your new bundle in three easy steps:

Step 1: Check your current contract

Before you have a look and see what other providers have on offer, check the minimum contract period with your current provider. If you cancel the contract before this period ends, you might have to pay termination fees.

Step 2: Compare broadband bundles and take a speed test

Use our handy tool and select your county and closest town and get a list of all the bundles available to you. You can also choose the type of bundle you’re looking for in the top navigation under ‘Compare Bundles’, if you’re looking for a specific combination like broadband and phone or broadband, phone and TV. You can also enter your county and town here to get an overview and start comparing.

If you’re looking for fast internet speeds, you can get started by taking our internet speed test. This will show your current download and upload speed. The results displayed on the map below that are speed tests that other users have taken previously, so you can see if there’s a faster provider in your area.

Step 3: Choose your new broadband provider and sign up

Depending on your usage and possible extras you’d like to have, you can choose a bundle that is right for you. Once you’ve picked your broadband deal, you just fill out a short form and you’ll get a call back from your new internet service provider to confirm your order. They’ll let you know when your new modem arrives, which you’ll just have to plug in and connect your devices to.

That’s it! Get started and switch here:

Compare Broadband Bundles