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3 simple steps to find the best broadband deal

3 simple steps to find the best broadband deal

Thursday 29 June 2017

Find a broadband deal

You just moved to a new house or you’re looking to switch broadband providers? But where start with your research and what exactly do you want from your new broadband package?

Don’t get confused by all the different providers and their packages! We’ve created this simple guide to help you find the best broadband deal. Just answer these questions honestly and you’ll know what you need:

How many people will tap into your broadband connection?

The more people are using your broadband connection at once, the more your internet will slow down. It also depends on what everyone is doing online. If your housemates are having an online gaming session and your downloading a movie at the same time, you might experience slower internet speeds than usual. The same is true for families, for example, when kids play online games upstairs and parents watch Netflix downstairs.

If you want to keep everyone happy, you should be looking for broadband packages that enable all to be online at the same time. Our recommendations:

  • Unlimited broadband package: For families or a shared house, it’s usually best to go for an unlimited broadband package. No need to worry about data limits and extra charges for heavy internet use.
  • Limited broadband package: If it’s only you in your apartment, using the internet only to check your emails and social media, you can go for a broadband package with a fixed usage limit.

What internet speeds do you need?

The internet speed you’ll need will also depend on your usage. Here are our recommendations:

Get superfast fibre broadband if you:

  • want to stream TV and video in HD or 4K quality
  • Download large files from file-sharing sites
  • play and download games
  • want the most reliable connection

Get standard ADSL broadband if you:

  • want to stream movies in HD quality
  • use the internet to check emails and social media
  • can’t get fibre broadband in your area
  • want the lowest cost package

Depending on where you live, you’ll be able to get different internet speeds. Here are our suggestions to find the best broadband deal for you:

  • Towns & Cities: If you live in a fibre-enabled area, an unlimited fibre broadband package with speeds ranging from 240Mb to 360Mb download speed can be the solution for you. If you can’t get fibre broadband, standard ADSL broadband with speeds of up to 24Mb download speed is also an option. Find out if you can get fibre broadband in your area.
  • Rural Areas: If you live in a rural area, we recommend you still go for the unlimited option to keep the crowd at home happy. Wireless broadband can be a great solution with speeds of up to 100Mb in areas without fibre or standard ADSL broadband. Learn more about Wireless broadband.

Which internet speeds and broadband providers can you get in your area?

Take our speed test and compare internet speeds of your current connection with other users in your area and see which providers they’re using. To give you an idea of what the download and upload speed mean that our broadband speed test will show you, we’ve prepared this neat table. Find your speed and see how much time it takes to download songs, movies or TV shows:

Item   Size (Mb) 4Mbps 8Mbps 16Mbps 32Mbps 50Mbps 100Mbps
Single song song 5 10s 5s 2.5s 1.25s 0.8s 0.4s
YouTube Clip (HQ) YouTube video 50 1m40s 50s 25s 12.5s 8s 4s
Album (HQ) Album 100 3m20s 1m40s 50s 25s 16s 8s
TV show (HQ) TV show 450 15m 7m30s 3m45s 1m52s 1m12s 36s
Film (HQ) film 1500 50m 25m30s 12m30s 6m15s 4m 2m